The Netherlands as an exhibition country still offers a lot of opportunities. However, there is of course a possibility that your target group is situated outside of The Netherlands or even outside Europe.

Buckdesign has been a part of the Octanorm Service Partner International network, also known as the ‘OSPI network’, since 2009. The OSPI network is the largest global network for stand builders, with partners in more than 150 cities, spread over 55 countries. These partners all share the same values in exhibition stand building as Buckdesign and will approach your project with the same expertise and high-quality service. Making effective usage of the OSPI network is possible through Buckdesign.


The benefits of OSPI

  • Buckdesign designs the stand.  This makes communication about the design, special requests etc. easier (Designed here – Built there).
  • Local production / rental equipment
  • No transportation costs, which also means lower carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Low or no costs for flying in a Dutch installation team.
  • Local contact, also during the exhibition.
  • Good knowledge of the local regulations (no unexpected costs).
  • High quality guaranteed.
  • No import to the customs authorities (OSPI partners can also give advise mattering import).
  • Possibility to store your belongings for the next event.


OSPI and the environment

Because of the worldwide cooperation with local OSPI partners we make minimal use of transport. Also, when our trucks are used there is less fuel consumption because the stands are built from light-weight, aluminium extrusion profiles from Octanorm. This results in less weight, which means a sizeable reduction in carbon dioxide emission.

Beside, Octanorm products are of high quality and have a long life-span. This means the products are not merely used for one exhibition, we reuse them a hundred times. When the materials are not suitable for usage anymore, all the Octanorm materials will be 100% recycled.

For more information on the environmental benefits see the Green values of OCTANORM.

Please contact us for more information about what Buckdesign and OSPI can do for your company, also visit the official OSPI network site on OSPI-network.com.

Example OSPI projects