The Importance of Involving your Exhibition Builder From the Start

Often underestimated in the process of going to a trade fair, is the initial registration procedure for a trade fair. When registering you are presented with one of the toughest choices, selecting a suitable space for your booth. It can be complicated to estimate which spaces are most appropriate, especially when this is your first time attending a trade fair.

The necessity of a suitable space

Not having a good space will significantly decrease the odds that a visitor will accidentally pass your booth. If your goal is to increase familiarity and awareness of your brand, or to generate as much leads as you can, a carefully selected space can make a critical difference. “A good space saves you half of the effort”. Having a favorable space for your booth can increase your amount of visitors, accidentally or intended, by over 50%. This means that you will have an increased chance to interact with visitors and heightens the chance that visitors passing by will get interested by your booth design. Therefore, it is important to set well-defined goals before you decide to go to a trade fair because your booth’s perfect spot is largely defined by your goals. Developing these goals is something you will do best without any help. However, to connect your goals to a matching booth space, help of an experienced exhibition builder can be of great relief.

Having a favorable space for your booth can increase your amount of visitors, accidentally or intended, by over 50%.
— Patrick Steen


Routing is another important point of interest for every serious exhibition builder. It is our responsibility to make sure that your trade fair is as successful as it can be and routing is a crucial part of it. Skilled exhibition builders often deal with familiar show locations and have the experience to know what’s important when exhibiting at new locations. This is due to previous experiences with fair locations that they can help you make an accurate prediction with regards to the popular routes in any exhibition hall. Therefore, your exhibition partner can help you look for a suitable space, so you will have an optimized chance of achieving your goals. For example: you have the goal to generate as many leads as you can and want to proactively interact with visitors from your booth. You will be better off having long corner-booth with a narrow depth as opposed to an in-between-booth with lots of depth. A long corner-booth will allow your colleagues to easily approach visitors and lure them into your booth. Moreover, your brand will be presented in a more open and accessible way. The deeper in-between-booth functions best when your goal is aimed at sustaining current client relations and there is need for closed meeting rooms and hospitality.

Summum stand on the Modefabriek in the Amsterdam RAI. One of the busiest stands, partly because of their space selection.

Summum stand on the Modefabriek in the Amsterdam RAI. One of the busiest stands, partly because of their space selection.

Fair specific rules

An experienced exhibition builder is always up to date with the latest rules that apply to certain shows. These rules can be of great influence to the visibility of your booth. For example, are you allowed to go to three, four or five metres height? Or is it allowed to place a hanging brand-sign above your booth at larger heights? Questions that skilled exhibition builders can answer. And when you involve your exhibition builder, or partner, from the moment you wish to register for a certain trade show, these questions can be tackled prime to registration. This can help you achieve your goals more effectively. Moreover, it can be a great timesaver, unless you want to read a 200 page document supplied by the trade show every time.


The price of involvement

You are probably wondering, when I involve my exhibition partner from the start of the process, does it cost you more money? The answer is, maybe. There are ways to handle things differently. You could write a pitch, involve several exhibition builders and choose the most attractive offer. You’re going to have to select a suitable spot yourself as well as handle all of the exhibition rule. In the end, this may cost you less. However, you won’t have any guarantee that your space fits your needs. You have to consider two things and make your pick: “what does it cost?” and “what does it yield?”. When you involve a cooperative, experienced exhibition partner you at least have the advantage of high input from an qualified party. A relationship like this requires continuous sharpness from both ends. It is important that even repeating projects are handled as unique. After all, every trade fair changes each year. If this is done correctly, input from an experienced exhibition builder will, in most cases, lead to a successful trade fair participation, where your budget is always respected. In the end the choice is yours. Would you prefer a fruitful, long-lasting relationship with an experienced partner, or a shallow relationship with several companies providing moderate effort? We know what we would pick, what will you?

By Patrick Steen & Tom te Buck © Buckdesign 2016